About the hour! Liverpool won 1-0 at Everton in the city’s classic by the Premier


Liverpool won with Origi (90 + 6 ‘) at Everton in Anfield for the Premier League on the date 14.

Liverpool took the classic of the city against Everton in an agonizing manner. On the 14th date of the Premier League, the ‘Reds’ got a goal at the last minute to prevail 1-0.

Origi (90 + 6 ‘) was in charge of unleashing the party on Anfield Road. The striker’s goal is good for Liverpool to follow in the fight for the title of the English league.

The Salah and Mané team is only two points away from Manchester City. The runners-up of the Champions League dream of lifting the Premier once and for all (since this tournament has that name).