PSG wants to prevent Neymar from leaving


Given the interest of some Europeans in signing Neymar, PSG appealed to one of its sponsors to continue strengthening ties with the Brazilian.

They want me to continue yes or yes. PSG does not want to let go of Neymar and resorted to a commercial move to tie the Brazilian to the club for several more seasons. The striker became the new ambassador of the National Bank of Qatar (QNB), a financial entity that has links with the Parisian team.

The commercial agreement implies that QNB will take all the benefits generated by Neymar, as an image of the brand, either advertising or marketing. The link was signed by Neymar’s father, the player and Yousef Darwish, the bank’s general manager.

It should be noted that the National Bank of Qatar is owned by the Qatar Investment Authority (Qatar Investment Authority), which at the time was owned by the PSG through the company Qatar Sports Investment. QNB is also already one of the main sponsors of the Parisian club.

The announcement is seen as a movement to strengthen ever stronger ties between Neymar and PSG. All this amid rumors that speak of the possible interest of Real Madrid and Barcelona to have the Brazilian attacker.